Dec 312010

CareerWell, they say, “To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work” and i am sure all of us will agree on it. Almost all successful men and women loved what they did and were extremely passionate about it. But is pure passion and love alone sufficient to build a successful career?

From my personal experience though, there are a few more ingredients required to make a career flavoursome!
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Working with various cultures

The world is a small place nowadays and we invariably tend to meet people from many cultures and various nationalities in day to day life. Although we would accept that it would be refreshing to meet a person with a completely different cultural background, it would be equally daunting due to the cultural differences.

I have personally faced these problems when i had to communicate with people from various countries for work. I have had times where i desperately wanted to express what i felt but due to nuances in culture it turned out to be difficult or even impossible at times!
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