PersistenceThe story of infamous Persian king Mahmud of Ghazni whose persistence to invade is talked about even after a 1000 years. Its not just Ghazni or its not just kings that have succeeded by extraordinary Persistence. Take trees for example. They don’t give up making new leaves every spring and they do it for decades, sometimes for centuries. Persistence, truly is the essence to succeed.

But what about those who succeed within the first few times or even the first time? Is that down to just luck? But how can some be lucky all the time? Isn’t that just against the laws of nature? May be its down to ability and knowledge?
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Don't just take!

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Dec 052010

TakeI was told by my colleague at work about an awareness and support campaign to help prosthetic cancer patients. The campaign is named “Movember” ( referring to a moustache grown during the month of november. Tempted by this creative idea, i signed up for it and decided to grow some facial hair last month and i must say people loved it :)
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Invention or Marketing?Human beings are very different from other creatures. Humans of the past were no different from other animals. There was a need to fight and hunt food. Obviously, humans being more intelligent than the rest of the animal kingdom, went against the instincts – instead of hunting food and getting frustrated when it was not available, the earlier humans decided to solve the problem. A different style of thinking, called problem solving was born. From then on, humans invented many many things – from wheels to wells and farms to air crafts. Invention is so unnatural to this world that even humans regard it highly prestigious. But are all inventions so very necessary? Do the inventions solve all the problems in our life?

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