PersistenceThe story of infamous Persian king Mahmud of Ghazni whose persistence to invade is talked about even after a 1000 years. Its not just Ghazni or its not just kings that have succeeded by extraordinary Persistence. Take trees for example. They don’t give up making new leaves every spring and they do it for decades, sometimes for centuries. Persistence, truly is the essence to succeed.

But what about those who succeed within the first few times or even the first time? Is that down to just luck? But how can some be lucky all the time? Isn’t that just against the laws of nature? May be its down to ability and knowledge?
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AuthorityEver thought about how people are managed around the world? Enter a Japanese office on a busy morning and you would see people dictating orders and many more taking them. The rule of managing people in japan is different from elsewhere.

The Japanese tend to follow a very strict hierarchy and have clear distinction on job profiles for everyone. Every office has a very clear organizational chart and there are strict protocols to follow. For example, to use someone’s help you first need to talk to his/her superior and get their approval.

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IntelligenceEmotional intelligence is a wonderful gift for people who naturally possess it. To be fair, all of us have some emotional intelligence(EI), only that most of us don’t really use it. The power of Emotional Intelligence is so very diverse and it always comes with a set of other related qualities.
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Office workA while ago, i wrote about the top ten things that none of us should do at work. Today, i have a list of 10 things that are generally considered good for the society, but never work in practice. I have been a victim of these things in the past. These are definitely tried and tested points that everyone of us need to avoid to be successful, especially at work.
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Success Success is definitely not luck. Be it on a personal level on how to lead a successful married life or on the financial aspect of it or even at work as a leader there are a number of things to learn and consider in order to be successful. Sometimes luck helps to achieve unseen level of success, but is not the only way to be successful.
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Interesting EmuTimo: Ever heard about Intelligence Quotient?
Jarmo: Of course, yes.
Timo: Yeah i thought so. I think most of us would have!!
Timo: OK then, how about emotional quotient?
Jarmo: Sounds vaguely familiar. Though don’t know what that means.
Timo: Alright. How about this – Spiritual Quotient?
Jarmo: Spiritual…what?

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TrainWe all want to grow in our career over time. None of us would want to stay where we started in our career. This means getting on to the management ladder, sooner or latter. Although not all career paths are the same, people management in most of the career paths still remains fairly similar. But, people management is different from other types of management – it appears to be easy and is easy, if understood and done right.
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