Self Development

Everybody has some thing to improve upon. Be it for career growth or for sharpening one’s personality there are always specific points to look at and improve. This section aims to do exactly that – to provide help for people looking to improve themselves!

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CareerWell, they say, “To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work” and i am sure all of us will agree on it. Almost all successful men and women loved what they did and were extremely passionate about it. But is pure passion and love alone sufficient to build a successful career?

From my personal experience though, there are a few more ingredients required to make a career flavoursome!
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PersistenceThe story of infamous Persian king Mahmud of Ghazni whose persistence to invade is talked about even after a 1000 years. Its not just Ghazni or its not just kings that have succeeded by extraordinary Persistence. Take trees for example. They don’t give up making new leaves every spring and they do it for decades, sometimes for centuries. Persistence, truly is the essence to succeed.

But what about those who succeed within the first few times or even the first time? Is that down to just luck? But how can some be lucky all the time? Isn’t that just against the laws of nature? May be its down to ability and knowledge?
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Working with various cultures

The world is a small place nowadays and we invariably tend to meet people from many cultures and various nationalities in day to day life. Although we would accept that it would be refreshing to meet a person with a completely different cultural background, it would be equally daunting due to the cultural differences.

I have personally faced these problems when i had to communicate with people from various countries for work. I have had times where i desperately wanted to express what i felt but due to nuances in culture it turned out to be difficult or even impossible at times!
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Performance matters!It is always a challenge to successfully manage people, though the perception amongst the working population is mostly contrary. The challenge gets even better when a team of high performers have to be managed. And this is exactly where almost all managers fail.

High performers come in a variety of forms – from the most arrogant of types to the most humble and this variety makes it even more difficult to generalise their existence. But this doesn’t mean they lack any common traits. Almost all high performers have very well defined traits that put them under the spotlight. And it is this┬ácommonality that helps spot them in the first place.
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System FailureThere isn’t a single person in this world who doesn’t hate failure. Failure is so painful that only mental strength and time┬ácan heal it. But as with all painful things, there is quite a bit of goodness associated with failure too. It is unfortunate that most of us don’t look into this goodness that failure provides.
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AuthorityEver thought about how people are managed around the world? Enter a Japanese office on a busy morning and you would see people dictating orders and many more taking them. The rule of managing people in japan is different from elsewhere.

The Japanese tend to follow a very strict hierarchy and have clear distinction on job profiles for everyone. Every office has a very clear organizational chart and there are strict protocols to follow. For example, to use someone’s help you first need to talk to his/her superior and get their approval.

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SuccessSuccess sounds interesting and tastes wonderful. Everyone of us genuinely want to succeed in whatever we do. But the reality is we always don’t. Not many think further than the fact that they failed. Fortunately, I always thought why i have failed in something that i took up and what can be learnt from that failure.
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