IntuitionIntuition is probably the second highest level of knowledge humans can gain with the highest being, spiritual truth. With Intuition, we know answers, but we just cannot reason out and justify them.  So much closer is intuition to the real knowledge of life and its meaning.

When i was very young, my father once told me a story. A story of a rich man who wanted to give away all the money he had. The more he gave away to the poor, the more he got. Unlike other stories, this wasn’t intuitive. Ever since i heard this story, there has been something unexceptionably attractive about counter intuitiveness.

Looking at everyday life, we see whatever tastes good is most probably not healthy for our body. And without exception, we all feel fresh and active after a tiring physical exercise. There is a clear unintuitiveness about these established theories that are a part of our everyday life.

It’s not trivial things like food or exercise that are a part of this undoubtedly subtle expression of nature. Human expectations reverently follow this theory with almost no exception.  The moment we decide to give up our expectation about something, we seem to be well placed to get it – and that is counter intuitive. There is no explanation as to why this theory works the way it works, but it does!

So the question is, is intuition really the second best knowledge known to us? Is there more to counter-intuitiveness than intuitiveness? Can we understand more about life and its purpose by following counter-intuition than intuition?

Prahlad Jani, a holy man in India claims not having eaten for the past 70 years. While science generally strives to be the first to ridicule such news, i wonder if he has gotten better in understanding the counter-intuitive theory. May be by not eating we wouldn’t die like we might intuitively believe?

But then, there are literally thousands of people dying everyday because of hunger. If counter intuitive theory works, then surely they all should thrive like Mr.Prahlad Jani.

I think the answer could be down to our belief system and consciousness. It might sound a bit lame, but our mental power truly outweigh our physical capabilities. There have been a few sightings of saints and sages meditating in the Himalayas without much clothing to protect them from adverse weather. Such events are down to mental power rather than just physical ability to brave the cold.

Our body is filled with numerous switches – switches that our brain can use to control everything from moving arms and legs to heart rate and breathe. Some controls like moving are consciously controlled while other ones like breathing are sub-consciously controlled. The sub-concious is like a machine that is programmed and can only do tasks it knows. It requires mental ability to take control of this sub-concious part and consciously control all the switches in the body.

I have even read a story of a man who by staring at a wall for a while was able to crack it –  just by focusing his mental power. Call it coincidence or magic, there is something that is not intuitive in these things. And the explanation why only a few are able to do it is because they are concious of themselves and know what their own body is capable of.

Perhaps, our body is a lot more capable than what medical science currently understands. But to utilise it completely we need to believe that it is capable of things. And that belief only comes from taking over the sub-conscious and becoming conscious.

Thinking on these lines, there is another thought. The world we see is extremely logical. Its just that we can’t understand what we haven’t learned yet. But more on this thought later!

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