PersistenceThe story of infamous Persian king Mahmud of Ghazni whose persistence to invade is talked about even after a 1000 years. Its not just Ghazni or its not just kings that have succeeded by extraordinary Persistence. Take trees for example. They don’t give up making new leaves every spring and they do it for decades, sometimes for centuries. Persistence, truly is the essence to succeed.

But what about those who succeed within the first few times or even the first time? Is that down to just luck? But how can some be lucky all the time? Isn’t that just against the laws of nature? May be its down to ability and knowledge?

The answer, I think lies in desperation. How many times have we all thought “this is my last opportunity. After this i will give up” and emerged successful? I can say with confidence that has worked out more than any other strategy or plan i have devised, in order to succeed.

By dedicating ourselves to a cause, we learn from our repeated failures, while with desperation we come under tremendous pressure that we sometimes can’t even logically think, let alone learn.

So, how does it work? How could possibly desperation – a human emotion – help us achieve more than what systematic planning could do?

A creationist, who sees everything in this world as the will of god would say that god possibly understands desperation more than anything else and gives a helping hand.

A rationalist, who seeks reasoning behind every thought, might say that we subconsciously gather help and resources when we are desperate and that subconscious planning helps us achieve more than what we plan and execute.

To me though, the reason is of second nature. Clearly, desperation seems to have a special place in the success map. But i think the price comes with an “If” clause.

Desperation needs to be natural and should be a true occurrence rather than self-perceived pity. A naturally occurring desperation definitely seems to hold the key for success!

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