CareerWell, they say, “To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work” and i am sure all of us will agree on it. Almost all successful men and women loved what they did and were extremely passionate about it. But is pure passion and love alone sufficient to build a successful career?

From my personal experience though, there are a few more ingredients required to make a career flavoursome!

First on the list, be objective.

Yes, knowing what you want to achieve is equally important as passion and love. Without knowing the destination, there is little or no hope that the journey will even take us there. Initially, when a career starts, it is difficult to form objectives, but it tends to come over time. The key thing though is to keep actively looking for an objective right from the start, even though it is unclear.

The second magic ingredient is to be proactive. A typical career is littered with opportunities, regardless of the type of job. There is always a scope to improve things in any job and it definitely pays to be proactive to spot these opportunities. Proactiveness is a by product of vision. Only people who have a vision about the future would proactively be able to look for opportunities. And believe it or not, opportunities make or break a career.

Third in my list is capability. No matter how many opportunities present themselves before us and nor does how much passion we possess, if we lack the capability to progress, then the career might be heading towards a dead end. By capability, i mean education, skill set and knowledge. And these are equally important to be successful as anything else.

Fourth and the least referred by many is contacts. In this ever changing world, where people are hired and fired all the time, it is extremely important to know people who can provide help and sometimes an opportunity to progress in the career ladder.

Finally, luck. It might be surprising to see luck listed here, but it always is an essential ingredient to success. Many times in my own career i have realised its importance. No matter how capable we are and how proactive we can be, if things around us don’t work as they should, there is simply no way ahead apart from waiting for it to get better.

It is only for the chosen few that life automatically gifts these five points. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to do it the hard way to succeed. Good Luck and have a happy new year!

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