Dec 052010

TakeI was told by my colleague at work about an awareness and support campaign to help prosthetic cancer patients. The campaign is named “Movember” ( referring to a moustache grown during the month of november. Tempted by this creative idea, i signed up for it and decided to grow some facial hair last month and i must say people loved it :)

On a serious note, there are a few things to think about. Many thousands of people die every day across the world due to cancer and it is very difficult for normal people to imagine what it is like to be living with cancer. I lost my aunt to cancer many years ago and i try and do my bit to support charities and help create awareness amongst people.

Charities and events are great but every one of us need to have an internal push to help the society and the needy. The financial mess and various other factors has made the world to be increasingly interested in taking rather than giving, while common sense says that is unsustainable.

Be it signing up as an organ donor or giving blood once in a while or even donating to charities and participating in fund raising events, there are numerous ways to help the society. We all spend a lot more for ourselves rather than help someone else because its our hard earned money. But realistically, its the society that has shaped us to get where we all are.

I have seen people change their attitudes about giving back once they face a crisis in their life  and when they become takers, though it would have been wonderful if that change had happened much earlier!

Because the truth is, it is impossible to live alone and we need a society – that is healthy and pleasant – to be happy. And i am getting increasingly nervous that individualism might overpower the concept of society in the 22nd century!

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