Sync or Swim!There used to be a program on television called “sync or swim” where the host Jamie Aditya travels to various countries with strong cultural roots and tries to learn and perform their traditional dance and music, all in a week’s time. As the name suggests he is left with two options – either sync and learn the local culture or swim, meaning lose the competition!

It is a wonderful idea which i think depicts the truth of our every day life where we are left with exactly same choices – either sync or swim! Whether it is taking up a new job, moving to a new country, venturing into a new business or just learning something new, we are realistically left with only these two choices. And, the sooner we sync in this unknown territory, the easier we make it for ourselves.

Being an inquisitive person, i always wanted to try new things and learn new stuff. This often put me outside my comfort zone, sometimes too far away from it. But from my experience i can say that life hands us a secret energy boost to tackle an uncomfortable situation, every time we encounter it.

But even then, only some of us choose to take it and go for a head-on fight, thereby stretching our comfort zone and increasing it day by day. Sadly, most of us choose to shy away from it due to the fear of stepping into an unknown territory.

Expanding the comfort zone has clearly been on my agenda ever since i started working. I admit i won’t be able to throw myself into awkward position all the time and come out of it successful, though that is something i aim to achieve.

The truth nobody shares about conquering comfort zones is that it gets easier every time it is done and to some extent addictive. It probably is addictive because of the satisfaction it gives after it is done.

Adversity, truly brings the best in us. If you look at the people who have succeeded in life, they all should have passed the “expanding the comfort zone test”. Without being in uncomfortable situations and successfully conquering them, there is very less chance that any of us can go all the way up.

But syncing is not just about being successful in an uncomfortable zone. It is also about jiving with the environment and emotionally bonding with the surroundings. As we sync, we subconsciously learn what surrounds us and form an untold yet personal relationship with them.

Humans can communicate between each other and so the benefit of syncing is apparent and the need to sync with other creatures becomes very blurry. The truth is any being cannot exist on its own and everything in this world has to co-exist. So its the untold symbiotic relationship that is formed between all the beings that makes the world going. By syncing with this environment we live in, we form a synergy with the world and are in a position to recognise and respect others.

The awareness we obtain by syncing is enormous and this is exactly where the worldly pleasure of being “successful” meets the spiritual pleasure of being “together” with our environment.

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  1. this article shows your maturity in writing

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