Weird ThoughtIts not that spiritual leaders copy what each other say, yet they all come up with the same old message. Every leader talks about inching towards eternal love, harmony, peace and the beauty that these bring. And what’s amazing is that these claims are entirely irrelevant of what philosophy they preach or which religion they follow.

Jesus Christ asked his fellow followers to be loving and peaceful, so did Mohammad, Buddha and Aurobindo. From the oldest of spiritual leaders to the newest and the youngest, they all ask us for the same thing. Though what they ask us all to do, appears very easy and doable, it sometimes contradict the interpreted truth.

I say contradictory because, every spiritual leader believes that god created this world, or at least, that god had a hand in creating this universe – from all the rocks and animals to plants and humans. If a powerful creature of this incomprehensible capability can create all or a part of this universe, giving us the power to think, the power to talk and walk, the power to understand and execute, then it probably would have been very easy for him to have programmed us with lot more love and strategically omitting hatred by all means.

This exactly is what bemuses me. Why would such a super power create everything and leave us to sort ourselves out? If the intention for sustainable living is to shower each other with love and peace, then why not just give us that? Why give us a choice in the first place to either love a thing or hate a thing?

I don’t think i will call all the spiritual leaders naive – I truly believe that they have a better understanding of the system that i (or most of us) haven’t got. Accepting their call for love and peace is the ultimate truth, it confuses me why the almighty lord stands with his hands tied back, not forcing what he wants, but patiently waiting for us to align with what he wants!

If the final point of this extraordinary journey of life is perpetual happiness, why do we go through all the hassle? Why not just hand this happiness over to all the beings and let them exist perpetually? Some may argue that we were born with happiness and all the problems and sadness are men made. But what about premature death due to ill health and earthquakes? If the target is to make everyone happy forever, then why create sadness? Or why let us perceive something to be sad?

I can’t believe that all spiritual leaders would have been wrong and so probably the ultimate intention is to attain never ending peace. Either that, or what love and peace means to us is way too shallow than what they claim it to be. May be if we spiritually grow to understand what love truly means, we probably can decipher the exact meaning behind their preaching.

Or even, love and peace could be the only understandable terms for commons like us to embark on a spiritual journey. Once we start the journey striving to achieve love and peace, we probably end up finding the real truth and the ever existing question of “WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?”

Either way, in my eyes, the world appears to be precisely balanced in a conflicting mix of a definite, clearly written down goals and a genuine effort to provide choice.

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4 Responses to “Weird Thought: Why aren’t we programmed?”

  1. Well.. there was a flurry of thoughts bombarding me as I kept reading this article… let me share my views from whatever I have received in my life…

    From the questions you have posed in this article, the feel I get is that something in the creation is not perfect or correct… There are some flaws in the creation in your perspective… Why should sadness be there in the first place is ur question? I would say if there has been ONLY happiness then we wouldn’t know that it is happiness… Isn’t it? Happiness and Sadness, Day and Night, Man and Woman – this world is full of contradictions and it is the beauty… Opposite Values complement each other… they give meaning to the other and infact completes the other.. Imagine a movie where there is no villain and everybody is good… It would be such a bore…What do you say?

    I think this world itself is a game… a play… and in one sense, it can’t be anymore perfect… It’s a mystery and our intellectual exercise to understand the mystery is what creating us the chaos… Let’s join the game…

    • First, Thanks for the comment.

      Second, Its not my intention to question why it is so, rather it is an approach to reason out. But based on your comment, the thing i would ask you back is “Can you see the 5th dimension?” and i would guess the answer is no. We can’t even imagine a world with more than 3 dimensions. That could be a limitation on our part rather than the worlds’. So, i wonder, if we can be programmed to interpret things in a way the programmer wanted, then why go through all the hassle? Intuitively, i would guess it is for a reason and i don’t deny it. I also believe we are made to intrepret things- happiness, sadness, love, misery everything. That’s why everyone has a different threshold. But logically(??) thinking(??), it convinces me that the answer is either one of the three suggestions I have listed.

  2. hi karthik, excellent article . it is the first step to learn the natures secrets.keep on writing

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