Performance matters!It is always a challenge to successfully manage people, though the perception amongst the working population is mostly contrary. The challenge gets even better when a team of high performers have to be managed. And this is exactly where almost all managers fail.

High performers come in a variety of forms – from the most arrogant of types to the most humble and this variety makes it even more difficult to generalise their existence. But this doesn’t mean they lack any common traits. Almost all high performers have very well defined traits that put them under the spotlight. And it is this commonality that helps spot them in the first place.

So, the first rule to successfully manage a high performer is to spot one!

Trait 1: Learning

The most interesting character of a high performer is the ability to learn things very quickly. This is needed because knowledge is the only edge that sets people apart. In this ever changing world, it is not easy to learn new things. And to deliver better results than the ‘normals’ means learning things quicker than them – and this is no easy feat. So, it doesn’t matter what the task is, high performers are always quicker than the average – to learn the task and start executing it.

Trait 2: Sharp and efficient

It goes without saying that people who perform well are extremely sharp and understand even the smallest of changes that happen around them. Not only they are sharp enough to understand the situation and environment, they seem to have an optimisation algorithm pre-programmed by nature that keeps their actions and solutions extremely efficient. Though it is counter-intuitive, sharpness and efficiency are interlinked. If we are not sharp enough obviously we cannot make the most efficient decisions. And high performers excel here.

Trait 3: Passion

Well, it is a well known theory that only true passion brings out the highest possible performance in us. The problem is most of us don’t succeed in finding our passion even until we die. High performers on the other hand are the ones that have found what their passion is and have put in enough effort to bring their passion to fruition. Passion has very high shelf-life and lives on for a very long time. And high performers use it to their benefit.

Trait 4: Lack of interest to impress

Sometimes, lack of interest to impress others, mostly superiors, tends to appear as arrogance. But unfortunately, it is an inbuilt trait of high performers.  They are more focused on getting the job done and seem to enjoy the satisfaction that stems out of it rather than spending time to bend and bow towards pointless bureaucracy. This is a wonderful distinction between the normals and the real performers.

Trait 5: Confidence

High performers in general openly admit ignorance because they know their true potential. With the power of confidence by their side, they are generally not afraid to ask stupid questions and at the same time spill out a gem of an idea. We tend to brand people who ask simple questions as naive and incapable, but from my experience this attribute should never be seen in isolation.

Trait 6: Praise

Every one loves to be praised – but high performers absolutely adore them. They somehow seem to allow this weak point to unconsciously grow. Praise, magically brings in more performance out of high performers which is exactly opposite to the normals! So to spot a true performer, throw in a bit of praise for something they have done – and you know what the result should be.

Good luck spotting!!

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