WorryLong back i had this question in my mind – “Can i live a worry free life at all?”. The immediate and intuitive answer was “No, that’s impossible”. In this busy world, where we run for our everyday food and necessities, it is rather impossible to live worry free. And to top that, some if not most people, do find some sinister pleasure in creating worries for others.

No body can change the way others behave, but we all have some control on how we allow others to behave to us. So, going by that, there is definitely control over what pain and worry others can inflict upon us. I took this up as a challenge to myself and decided to give this thought, a try. So, i set upon a journey of identifying and eliminating things that made me worried.

Right or Wrong?

We in this world have laws to punish if something is done wrong. Its not just governmental laws i am talking about, but untold social rules and behaviours. Even our workplace has defined and undefined rules and etiquette. We spend a lot of our time, thinking about doing the right thing and not doing any mistakes. Thinking about it, what is exactly right and what is exactly wrong? Isn’t it a matter of personal preference? And yet, we spend so much energy on this!!

Success and Failure

As if being right all the time is not sufficient, the society we live in always asks us to win in whatever we do. Failure is not only unacceptable by the society, but by individuals as well. We are so tuned into succeeding that any minor glitch causes worries. It is a pity to see the amount of worry a single failure can bring when compared to the amount of happiness a handful of success brings!!

Extraordinary Needs

Our needs have been constantly growing over time and i believe it has just peaked now. Forget basic needs like food, shelter and clothing, our needs are more high-tech nowadays. I think it is fair to say, we are addicted to these needs, so much so that we feel worried and stressed without them by our side.

Peer pressure

Most of our needs are driven by pressure. Pressure that is falsely created within our society by big corporations. I do not criticise all gadgets and tools we possess. Some of them genuinely make a difference. But most don’t. We just use them because our friends have it and it is expected to have to maintain our social status. What if we cannot afford it? We invite worries!

The big picture

My biggest concern in today’s world is the inability to understand the big picture. Though nature shows us that we are living in this tiny world surrounded by billions of lifeforms and celestial objects, we seem to lack the interest to look at the picture. We spend most of our time worrying selfishly about ourselves and our tomorrow. Rather, if we try and understand what nature is trying to teach us, we might learn worrying about trivial things doesn’t mean a thing!!

Blind faith

I believe in a super power and i believe we humans have very limited ability to think and do things. For example, our capability is limited to manipulating the present. We can’t do anything about the past nor can we know what the future holds. But i believe there could be a higher power that could have the ability to understand things with no relation to time. Like humans trying to help a hurt dog that asks us for help, this super power could be very much willing to help us through our miseries.

Most of the time, we don’t lose anything by believing in god. Instead, we can get rid of worries that occur due to things that are not in our control by just trusting that the super power would take care.

Everything ends

The only ultimate truth is, everything has to end. And if we think about it, we get worried and stressed for something that is never going to last forever?? If we realise this fact and understand that everything is very temporary, we might be able to handle our worries better.


I left fear close to the end, not because it is trivial, but because it is extremely difficult to get rid of. We are trained to be scared. And, today’s laws and regulations don’t help our fear levels at all. This is one of the difficult things to get rid of until we are plugged into this system. The best solution to handle worries is to do the best we can and not fear about the outcome of what we did. The truth is, whether we fear or not, what will happen will happen, as there are a million things out of our control.


And, finally, possessions. Based on my personal experience, i have realised, the more we have, the more we worry about. When i walked to the cinema, i never worried about anything. When i drove, i kept thinking “Is my car safe?” Such is life!!

Though i having been trying my level best, i haven’t quite managed to conquer all of these points yet. Especially, fear and Possessions. But i believe, if we all can make an attempt to live a worry free life we might be at least partially successful in achieving that.

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  1. hi,exellent attempt about the super power, god may be the name.

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