InterviewerCareer is a very important aspect of our life. In today’s world, we spend more time at work and with our colleagues when compared to the time we spend at home with our families. Because work is so important, most of us want to succeed in our career in order to believe that we have succeeded in our life. Sometimes, a single job opportunity can differentiate success from failure and it is all about never letting this opportunity pass you by.

So here are some tips to make sure you not only use the opportunity but you emerge successful out of it – simple 10 ways to impress an interviewer.

1. Sync

Even much before you attend an interview, you need to first get your mind set on the job. The best way is to dream about the job and make your subconscious mind want it. Identify any deterrents to your subconscious mind about getting this job and eliminate them. This way you can let your subconscious mind roam freely and it starts wanting it without your conscious mind really knowing it. This is very much important because we are all dominated by the power of the subconscious when compared to the conscious.

2. Rehearse

The Internet is full of materials that are very handy to prepare for an interview and try and go through them as much as possible. Try and imagine that you are in a meeting room and attending an interview and think of possible questions that can be thrown at you and how you would be able to answer these. This helps in the actual interview by easing pressure.

3. Dress Smartly

The most important thing after preparation is being presentable. Research what is the dress code before attending an interview and dress accordingly. It is better to dress for at least 2 levels higher than the post being interviewed for. As with most cases, first impression is the best possible impression – and this is definitely true in an interview.

4. Don’t Panic

Once you know you have worked on the preparation part both mentally and on presentation, the other thing to try and remember is to maintain your cool. There is a famous saying that one of my bosses used to say, ” You either get things done or get tensed”. I believe that summarises all. If something can be achieved by getting tensed, then that has got to be failure.

5. Portray Confidence

At the interview, try and concentrate on the questions that are asked and be confident while replying to them. Confidence, in particular, self-confidence is a key to having a successful interview. If you do not believe in yourselves then it is very difficult to make the interviewer believe in you. On the other hand, it is perfectly OK to say “I don’t know” to certain questions instead of trying to guess the answers. This gives credibility and shows you are straight forward.

6. Be crisp and to the point

Though an interview is all about selling your skills, try and be crisp and to the point. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explain what you know or are capable of doing but this means not really explaining every tiniest bit of detail.

7. Analyse the personality

Right from the start of an interview, try and analyse the personality who is interviewing you and understand what kind of characteristics he is looking for in a candidate. Some characteristics are not publicised in the job specification but interviewers look for those during the interview. These generally are soft skills like a team player, a flexible personality etc. The quicker you analyse and understand the interviewers personality the easier it is to suit your response to his needs.

8. It’s a two way traffic

Interview is about making sure you and your potential employer get the best possible working relationship and eventually the best possible business output. It always helps to remember that the company needs you as much as you need the company. So ask as many questions as you may have and get them clarified before you join a job.

9. Learn from mistakes

As they say, “Failure is the first step to success” – not if you don’t learn from the failures. Only people who learn from their mistakes can be very conscious of their pitfalls and be able to perform better the next time. So when you lose, don’t give up. Just try and understand what went wrong and how that can be rectified.

10. It’s not the end of life

An interview is definitely an opportunity for a better future. But it is not the end of the world. If you lose in an interview it doesn’t mean you have lost in your life. Always target to give your best shot and take it easy if things don’t work out that particular time. They eventually will!

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  1. HEY kartik its realy AMAZING you pick all these lose points and difficulty what candidates usaully faced in interviews.


  2. very very thanks for most useful article for the me and every youngster . continue this work. best of luck.

    • Thank you Akhilesh. I hope you like my other articles as well. And, please feel free to forward them to your friends who might be interested.


    • I m totally agree wid u but tel me from where u learn these type of important things… Keep it up beta

  3. Hi karthik it is most useful article for the younger generation. continue this work. best of luck.

    • Thank You for your wonderful comment. Hope you enjoy reading all the other articles.


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