Moving to a new countryMoving into a new country is always fun. There is so much to see and so much to learn in a new place. Many people find it extremely frustrating to move into a new place. That is because of the practical difficulties that one faces to settle down in a new place. After that hurdle is crossed, moving into a new country can be definitely fun and enjoyable. Here are some enjoyable aspects of moving to a new country.

1. Meeting new people and personalities:

When I moved into the UK initially, I felt i had an excellent opportunity to meet new personalities and people. The behaviour of people varies from one culture to another and from one country to another and it is always enjoyable to meet and understand other people. Meeting a different set of people enables us to learn various attributes that help in shaping our character.

2. A new language

Most countries have their own national language that they are very proud of. Moving into the country gives a hands on experience to learn that language. It is impossible for anyone to learn a new language by just reading through language books. The best way to learn is to be there with the people who speak it. I have had experience of picking up a new language in about a years’ time. Learning the language also gives access to locals and provides better understanding of their ways of life.

3. Socialising:

Socialising is a distinct aspect of humans. Unlike other counterparts in the animal kingdom, humans have numerous methods of socialising with each other. Different countries in the world have a number of ways of socialising that are completely different. Being in a new country helps one understand how people talk and socialise and that definitely helps in both business and personal aspects of life.

4. Respect for others:

Once a person moves into a new country, he/she gets the ability to appreciate the culture and ways of living. Their respect for people increases and more often they see the world with an open mind. People also tend to lose their reservations about certain types of people and the logic of right and wrong changes. People often understand that deciding a way of life as right or wrong is meaningless. Instead they get to see that there are many ‘different’ ways of life.

5. Getting out of race

One of the major problems the world faces is ‘racism’. The hatred based on colour of the skin looks extremely stupid but that is what the world practises. The world today is definitely better than that existed 50 years back, thanks to immigration and cross cultural weddings. If everyone stayed in their own motherland, the world would be more divided and more hatred would prevail. In my perspective, the people who move around to various countries are indirectly helping the world to bond together. So, the more people move around the more they accept others.

6. Opportunity to travel:

Nature has provided a beautiful mixture of resources and beauty ranging from deserts to beaches and mountains to auroras. Though humans have selfishly divided nature between themselves, the concept of visas help ease the situation and enables people to travel around and see more of nature. I believe that visiting a place in the name of tourism is not so effective. The real beauty of a place can only be seen by living there. And that is where moving into a new place helps.

7. Career Growth:

Work is a very important aspect of every one’s life. People move around for work more when compared to leisure and that says how important work is. By moving to a new country and culture, we tend to pick up new personal skills or get better at some of them. This is definitely important as this accounts for a better career opportunity in future. Many employers look for inter-cultural negotiation or inter-cultural communication skills and being in a new culture helps one to acquire this with ease.

8. Learning a new Sport:

Every country has a national sport or many sports that are unique for that place and it might be highly difficult to learn that activity or sport anywhere else. Moving to that country gives one an opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport. This is similar to learning the national language. One cannot learn better any where else.

9. Psychological changes:

Apart from all these effects that moving into a new country provides, there is a possible psychological change that can occur in some people. The feeling that a new place provides is sometimes indescribable especially if it was a dream place.

10. Restarting your life:

The changes that occur for some because of moving to a new country could mean that they can forget their past and give their own life a brand new start. People who have had a traumatic life before, tend to feel more relaxed or secured in the new place. Only a unrestrained mind can create and innovate and the new place can act as a source of inspiration for many.

Living in their motherland is like a fish spending its entire life in a fish tank. By moving out one gets to see the world, the beauty of it and has the opportunity to enjoy it.

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6 Responses to “10 reasons why moving to a new country is great!”

  1. I just came across this article accidently.I really enjoyed reading it.I`m about to move to a new country and this article was so inspiring and positive.Thank you so much.Great work.

    • Thank you Tania. I hope you find your move to the new country enjoyable. Good Luck.


  2. married life is the happiest part of a persons life if the wife and husband really love each other’**

  3. very beautiful article which enhances international integration i am very proud to read this article i wish you succes. continue to write for the betterment of humanity

  4. beautifully written… as I kept reading, some points popped up in my mind regarding this topic and was delighted to find it out listed here… Nice thinking… kudos…

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