Weird thoughtsWhen I first wrote an article on the topic Weird Thought i didn’t foresee i will have too many to make it a series. But after i wrote it, many new thoughts that this world wouldn’t accept have been creeping in my mind everyday (yeah, really – everyday!). So here is another weird thought about our brain – is it really a master or a slave?

The human society takes pride in being intellectual and not so much in intelligence. The difference between intellect and intelligence is that intellect is what we acquire after we come into this world, by going to school and learning theories while intelligence is an inborn quality that doesn’t require any formal education. It shows up in many places where intellect fails to impress. Though by definition intelligence is superior, intellect is what the world likes. Dr. Richard Newman is more respected than Mr. Richard Newman though Mr. Richard Newman could be a lot more intelligent. It is down to the number of years of education that puts people up the “Most Respected” list.

I have seen it many times in my own life. People with a masters degree are generally assumed to possess more knowledge than a person with no or an inferior degree qualification. Of course, that is true, but what is the proof that they know how to use that knowledge. The whole world is simply hell bent on education and its by product – intellect. We over emphasise on training our brain and making it superior. And, I ask why?

As we all can understand, our brain is the central processing unit of our body. It calculates everything from behaviours to socialising and from abstract theories to art. It is a wonderful organ that has some amazing capabilities. But, what good is this brain, when all our senses are cut?

If we ask a deaf person what a symphony means or a blind person to define the color of red, their brain wouldn’t be able to even remotely guess what that would be. I once tried untying a knot in very dim light and i wasn’t able to do it, even though my brain has already seen knots and has untied them. The issue was my eyes weren’t giving any proper input. When i moved to bright light, it took only a few seconds to untie it.

So from this point of view, the brain is “just” a central processing unit, that takes in all the signals and computes all possible results for that input. So, data in, data out or garbage in, garbage out.

Many of us do not believe in god or any other super power. They ridicule the idea of creation and believe in evolution. Many believe humans dictate the world and other beings are inferior. Some even believe that the other animals are just here for our pleasure. I look at them and think – how naive? All these theories are formed by our brain, with no relevant inputs. It is no different from asking a blind person about colour red. There is no point in using our brain to compute new theories or formulate new concepts because it is not capable of such a task. It is wonderful and the same time, it is limited.

Instead, we need to feed it with the right input. It is not going to be difficult for whoever is reading this to define red, would it? People who consider the brain to be a slave go beyond its reasoning and look for inputs from the world around them. Most of us just use the available 5 senses to feed our brain and worry (or not worry) about the existence of life. I get frustrated with science mainly for this reason. It looks so feeble in my eyes. If we go further and use the extra sense that is often left untapped, we discover some very new computing capabilities.

There is no point in arguing if the creationists are right or the scientists are right. Both of them are incorrect to me. Because both use their brain as the master to formulate these theories. While, it is just a loyal servant who would tirelessly work to find solutions to any problem thrown at it.

Another Weird thought!

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4 Responses to “Weird thought:Our Brain-Master or Slave?”

  1. i think you have a bias out here. is it that you are criticizing science for the sake of religion? and intellect for intelligence? intellect is just a part of being intelligentl. it happens that intellectual people are often criticized. who said they are not intelligent? intellectual people are often criticized since childhood out of other people desperation and jealousy. there are intellectual people who can do stuffs better than non intellectual people. there are intellectual people who can play football better than non intellectual people, there are intellectual swimmers, there are intellectual people who can cope better when lost in forest without anytthng in hand without using intellect, there some intellectual people who can cope with daily lives better. intelligence is not a seperate thing. its just part of intelligence. its not necessary they are better than others but its just the same. its just a brain thing.
    and the comment that you pity people who dont believe in god. why is it so? its just a matter of faith. another brain thing. you have faith in god, there are some others who have faith in some other things, there are some others who dont have faith at all( i feel sorry for them). its a choice. you cannot force anybody. i’m not forcing you or criticizing you. just my opinion. and i dont have any glitches on religion. i have my own religion and i have been studying in missionary schools all my school days life.
    who ever said brain is creating things without stimulation? close off all your senses entirely and you’ll know. i’m sorry but i’d ask you to get to know things better before you start announcing anything. there are people who will listen to you without proper knowledge. you dont have the right to keep people in ignorance. sorry.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comments, though i must say the last couple of sentences were quite strong. Firstly, this is just a personal website, which has my personal views of life and the world and i have no intention of asking people to listen to me. Secondly, everybody is biased on a certain level and that is what character and opinions are all about. As you have mentioned, you believe in religion but not tell anyone, while i might believe in god and write it down on a webpage.

      And, honestly i have nothing against intellectual people but i am against intellectual people grabbing opportunities purely because of their education. I have had experiences in life where an intelligent person worked as a waiter in a restraunt not because of his lack of interest in education but because he didn’t have the money and opportunity to obtain education. I am against such things.

      And , nothing against science too. I work as an engineer doing cutting edge designs and enjoy physics and don’t follow a religion. I am sorry that my views have been misinterpreted. Perhaps i should try explaining them better next time.

      And your comment,”who ever said brain is creating things without stimulation? close off all your senses entirely and you’ll know.” It is extremely difficult, if not imposible to close off our senses because we already have a reference stored in our brain and our brain can imagine if we shut the inputs.

  2. I just want to say you are right and wrong…

    A deaf person can OBVIOUSLY tell you the meaning of a symphony as Beethoven has already proved this.

    A blind person can feel and hear in color as well.

    But you are right as our brains can only process this information, but you are wrong as in without the stimulation we are then left with our brain trying to interpret itself, which is were we get greater self awareness rather than other animals who only process the bare minimum to survive. They probably have no thought of philosophy or theory..

    BUT yes, our society is so stupid that they cannot realize this difference between intelligence and intellect. Or Knowledge vs Skill…

    People who are intelligent can see patterns quickly and are able to recognize the next step.

    People with intellect are those who have been exposed to the situation and GIVEN the solution.

    The difference here is their method in aquiring the remaining piece of the puzzle.

    Where as, ANYONE can be told that the world is around and believe it.

    It takes an intelligent person to be able to see the curvature of the earth and be able to take patterns of possibility and link them to find the answer to the question.

    Which is the same as 1,1,2,4,6,12,6,2,1,1,2,6,12,6,?
    Solve based off the information given.

    This takes intelligence to solve if you have no knowledge prior to what the values of each symbol is.

    As intellect falls into this catagory:

    If I have 3 apples, and 2 friends, then we all invite one person over, how can we make sure each person as an equal share?

    Intelligence asks “Why do I have to share at all?”
    Intellect asks “Do I have a knife?”
    Psychosis happens when the first answer is no and the second answer is yes and the third question is based from paranoia because of a past event where a group tried to take his apples without allowing him a share at all.

    or maybe its the other way around lol, I dunno that question is more difficult..

    The full answer is just this..

    We have an ability to recognize patterns in our existence so that we can survive and adapt to situations. These patterns are all based off of gathered information from past events.
    If you have an ability to recognize many patterns quickly, then you have a high intelligence, as if you know of, aka have knowledge of many patterns, then you have a high wisdom. But your ability to relate the patterns within the collected patterns is your intellect. While your ability to relate unrelated patterns to form a consistent or even often non-consistent patterns that make sense to our brain at the time measures delusion and psychosis.

    • Evan,

      I appreciate your comments and your point of view. There is one correction i would make – Beethoven wasn’t born deaf. He learned music and gradually lost his hearing over time. By that time, he was probably able to mentally map every chord that the piano can create and all he had to do was to put them in order to form a symphony.

      But i still struggle to grasp how it is possible to understand something that a person has no clue about. Self awarness doesn’t come on its own – it again is a result of various sensory functions. We all use our 5 senses to understand about ourselves and about our environment and form opinions also termed self awareness.

      Other than these i agree on the other points.


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