the real winnersThe world is always excited about winners. Be it sport, business, academics or politics, it is the winners that define the world. It is probably because we all want to stand out and prove we are better than the others in everything we do. This pressure to prove that we are better than others sometimes turns into a nasty rat race that we loose sight of the big picture. But that doesn’t mean that we should be complacent and not run at all. We are all born with definite qualities and we should try and use them to help the world to become a better place – both for us and for all the other living beings.

So the term ‘winning’ here needs to be very targeted and clearly defined. So, whenever i say winners, i only talk about the men and women who have made a difference to the way we live our lives – people like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwin …. the list is virtually endless. These people have gone past their age and life and are still remembered – not because they were just successful in making more money or fame, but because they worked to make life better for all of us in this world.

The one very important thing that separates these extraordinary humans from a normal person is their perseverance. Everybody tries and everybody loses. But the real winners try again. and again. and again. Until they win. Until they achieve their agenda. But trying to achieve an agenda is no good if you don’t have one. So the real winners have a clear agenda in mind. And the clearest agenda is always driven by the inner self. Hence, without real interest to do things, a clear and rational agenda cannot be formed. Hmmm…i agree that is a lot of inter linked statements. May be we should consider a real life example.

Mr.Warren Buffet, the investment guru and the world’s second richest man, takes home an annual salary of $100,000 and lives in his 5 bedroom house he bought in 1957, despite owning assets worth a whopping $40 billion. He lives a minimalistic lifestyle and has pledged most of his fortune for charity. He started off as a normal guy, but using his skills and intelligence he reached where he is now. And his agenda was very clear. He wanted to make money and then give them off to charity. He had claimed this many times and so far has lived by his words. He was so focused on giving away his wealth, that he decided not to pass on his wealth to his children. This is a true selfless action – something only real winners can be proud of.

What good is the money that is passed on to the next generation when millions die because of starvation? The real winners answer this question. They see the big picture. After all, winning is not about how much you make but how much you give back to the society that made you.

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