Hunger and Poverty Fact 1: According to a recent census, there were 793 billionaires and close to 8 million millionaires in this world – that is less than 0.2% of the world population. Between them they own assets close to $50 trillion.

Fact 2: Everyday about 25000 people die because of poverty and according to 2001 census, about 2.7 billion people lived with an income of under $2 a day- that is close to 40% of the world population.

So from the first fact, it is very clear there is enough money in this world. And from the second, it is clear that money alone cannot abolish poverty. Traditionally money was passed from one generation to another – from one person to a few. Then each one of them used the money to make more, only to pass on even more to another few. In the meantime, whoever struggled to find some food were long gone and their family chain has been eradicated. If we entered this scenario to a logical computing machine, with a condition of perpetual happiness to all, it would spit out a result we might term communist. Though economical growth and standard of living can only be raised by a socialist society, i think the idea is oversold and is done in the cost of other lives -lives of both humans and their ancestors.

There are a plenty of clues that nature provides to aid us understand life. It is a shame we don’t care about them. The whole idea of birth and death is to make us aware nothing is permanent and we don’t own anything. It is such a pity that humans invented money to prove their power and existence in that short span of time called life. Even such an everyday reality cannot keep our greediness and ego at bay.

I had a chat with a friend of mine on wealth and about passing on wealth to the next generation. He said he would definitely pass all his assets to his children while i was interested to know why. His reasoning was the assets that he passes will help them in times of trouble. Fair enough. But what about the thousands of children that live a troubled life everyday? Whose is going to take care of them?

An educated mind would say, life is about the survival of the fittest. But why are humans creating a false elevation to a selected few to thrive? Though we have the sixth sense to reason, most of us are bound by our ancestral traits. We have the gift to understand the sufferings of others. Why don’t we use it? What good is money left in the bank when millions die of hunger. I try and fast once every month and i know how badly i need food by the end of the day. I know i would be not be precise even if i extrapolate that feeling of mine to the suffering many face due to lack of food.

I say this, but when i ask myself if i can give away all my money to charity today, i will shamefully admit, i wouldn’t. I am scared of losing in this life and i am scared i might give a bad future for my family i care about. But i sincerely hope one day i can get rid of all the money i earned. I hope i can get out of this rat race. Being a person who believes in fate, i have to say, i am just waiting for the signs to guide me do this. But this is not a one man job. There are already thousands of charities in this world and i am telling you that is not enough. We need many more thousands who can unite with a single vision – TO ERADICATE POVERTY.

So, think about it, you. We may just be able to do this. We may just eradicate hunger and poverty. But only if we unite. Only if we decide to give more to charity and less to our children. Only if we see the world to be a temporary place. Only if we understand we don’t own anything. Only if we see around us and be content with what we have. After-all, there is nothing much we can carry to our death bed than some self satisfaction.

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