FableA fable:

There was a crow’s nest on a tree top. An eagle’s egg by mistake ended up on the crow’s nest along with her eggs. One brilliant day, the eggs hatched. The eagle chick played and grew along with other crow chicks, thinking it is indeed a crow. After a few weeks, as they grew bigger they all started to learn to fly. The crow chicks were airborne very quickly, while the eagle chick struggled to lift herself up. The eagle chick didn’t realise it takes a bit longer for its wings to develop and was disappointed about its own inability. After a few more weeks, on a bright sunny day, the eagle chick was airborne. It was not just flying, but effortlessly soared in the sky. It was not long after, it learned it can fly faster and higher and can spot things that are miles away. It was then it learned it was not a crow but instead a bird of prey that was way above the food chain.


The best will always triumph, however long it takes and no matter where they start.

Many of us are like the eagle chick, that was unaware of its own abilities. We get so disappointed when we lose. Of course we all want to win the first time we try new things, but life doesn’t work that way. Many of us get carried away with such failures and stop trying again. If only the eagle chick thought it can never fly, it would have never discovered its amazing ability to soar. Sometimes, we need to step aside and understand what our abilities are and what we are worth. We need to give ourselves time to hone our skills in order to succeed.

If stopping from trying is a problem, some of us go to the other extreme of trying again and again without really thinking. It almost 100% true that hastily running as a headless chicken will not make us succeed either. Most of us have at least one special talent that can turn us around and make us successful. Highly successful people know what their speciality is and have utilised their speciality to succeed. Unfortunately, most of us do not bother to find that quality out. But if we spend some time and effort to discover what our speciality is, success will be the only way forward. We then will also be able to make sane decisions and come up with a plan of action to achieve whatever we want.

Many great people have started their lives in difficult environments. If it weren’t for their self-belief, they wouldn’t be in the great people’s list! Self-belief along with patience are two important qualities that make a successful person. So at first, believe in your self. Then, step out and understand your own potential and pitfalls. And thirdly, be patient until the right opportunity strikes. It just takes one right opportunity to prove the world what you are worth.

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