TrainWe all want to grow in our career over time. None of us would want to stay where we started in our career. This means getting on to the management ladder, sooner or latter. Although not all career paths are the same, people management in most of the career paths still remains fairly similar. But, people management is different from other types of management – it appears to be easy and is easy, if understood and done right.

Even though most of us would end up as managers at some point, whenever i spoke to a friend about work, i used to hear “My manager is difficult to work with”. I always wondered how all managers can be difficult? I don’t believe that people change from good to bad as they move up their career. So what actually could it be? I feel it has something to do with the system – the way the world defines hierarchy and management. The system gives them more power and more responsibility as they progress in their career. Certainly, this makes sense, as we all gain experience and knowledge as we grow older. But unfortunately, the system fails to factor ego which grows along with age.

So in order to be successful and to have sustained growth, young managers need to shape themselves as soon as they get on to the management train. And here are some tips to get them started..

1. Treat everyone equally.
2. Don’t just talk. Show them in action.
3. Appreciate good ideas and actions. The most genuine people do not advertise themselves and so be aware of their ideas and appreciate them.
4. Even if the ideas/actions are not good, look for the root cause to understand where it started.
5. Remember you are the deciding authority, but you don’t have to decide all the time.
6. Respect comes when the gun stays in the holster.
7. Meet people regularly. Talk to them.
8. Infuse confidence. This only comes over time.
9. Clear the path to make progress.
10. Make them feel secure.
11. Be honest and truthful.
12. Ask Questions. Make them feel responsible.
13. Give guidance.
14. Be ready to learn.
15. Realise you are no different than them – only that your job profile is different.
16. Give them what they want and what you can.
17. Never encourage blame games.
18. Finally,trust your intuition – that is where the extra-ordinary get made!

Good Luck!

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