stay ahead of the gameIn one of my previous articles, i wrote about 5 most important attributes of a great leader. The attributes listed there are essential to rise up to the level of a great leader and differentiate a great leader from a good leader, but what does it really take to sustain it? If you ask successful leaders, most of them would agree it requires equal or far more effort to sustain their position when compared to the effort spent to reach there. So what would the most essential attributes of sustenance be? Read on…

Learning – Did you do your lessons today?

Jack Welch once said “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Every word in the sentence means so much that it need not be stressed any further. No matter what the business you are in and no matter which group you lead, there is something to be learnt all the time. It is just the knowledge that puts us ahead of the competition and helps sustain growth and success.

The face of reality

Today’s world is more competitive than yesterday’s and it will only be more so tomorrow. Everyday, it gets harder to sustain growth and success because of the competition and associated challenges and issues. What great leaders try and do is not to shy away from problems. Instead they handle them head on. They are prepared to push even in the toughest of the situations and triumph. So, never close your eyes and assume that the problems will disappear. Instead be ready to take the bull by horns and tame it. You will have to spend some energy to fight and tackle problems, but it will be a more permanent solution.

Evaluation – What’s right and what’s not!

Great leaders know a lot more about themselves. They know their strengths and weaknesses and that is one of the most importantĀ attributesĀ of any successful individual. They also tend to be very sharp and decisive about the environment and people that work for them. This ability of theirs is what enables them to select the right people to work for them. In some sense, this one single attribute tends to differentiate a good from a great leader.To stay ahead of the game, you need to know that things change all the time and so does the people who they tend to work with. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to develop this additional sense of foreseeing the business and take decisions accordingly.

Leader – Set paths instead of following

Create the wackiest of ideas and make sure you turn the best of those into a vision. Motivate your team to move towards your vision and make that a reality. To stay ahead of the game, you need to create a style for yourself. Apple, one of the leading brands in consumer devices, for example, they have their own style. They don’t make numerous products. They just make few. But they make them to offer the best possible customer experience. That’s where Apple have found their niche. And, in their niche, they make sure they set the trend. That’s exactly what puts them ahead of the game.

Fail to succeed – Have you failed before?

Ask any successful leader or a entrepreneur about his/her successes and failures and their list of failures will definitely be longer than their list of successes. Only in failure, can we all learn and grow. Failure teaches us far more than what success can teach and the one who extracts the most out of a failure and uses all his learning for the future is the one who can stay ahead of the game. True winners never fail. They just have delayed success.

Perseverance – keep moving

Most of us are unaware of the main factors that define success. Its nothing complicated at all. It is a simple combination of perseverance and incorporating learning from failures. To be successful, you need to try and try until you succeed. There are no short cuts to success. It is just about trying again while constantly plugging the defects or ‘holes’ in your approach. Once all the needed defects are plugged, the next attempt will definitely be success.

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