Dont JuggleLife has taught me over and over again that sticking to one thing at a time can be much more fruitful. Many of us lack the killer instinct, that keeps us motivated onto one thing at the worst of situations. When we hit a problem, most of us would want to move away from it and start doing something else. It is very easy to get drifted away from a task in hand, particularly when it doesn’t go very well.

When i was in primary school, I was interested in studies and in athletics. I concentrated equally on both and for that reason i was mediocre in both. I was a successful athlete in school and district level events, but did not get any further than that. The same was with studies. I was just a mediocre student who did OK in school but not great. When i got into my final years in school, i decided to give up athletics and got into studies completely, which i think is one of the best decisions I have made till date. By focusing all my energy into a single activity, i was successful in school and got into one of the best universities for my graduate course.

But i have had my share of trying to do too many things at a time. I distinctly remember that i was not successful in many things i did during my time in university – just because i did too many things at a time. Over a period of time, I wanted to learn to play the keyboard, learn to speak Sanskrit, worked with two professors on two different research projects, worked with my mates to design a website, taught lessons on computer languages, learnt other computer languages, worked on two different technical projects with friends, organised and co-ordinated campus placements and of course studied for my graduation.

This failure made me form the saying “One thing at a time”. Nowadays, though the thought of dipping my hands on to many things and juggling between different activities feels interesting, i try and prioritise activities and concentrate most of my energy onto one activity that is a necessity. It is not just me, who has tasted success by following this philosophy.

Gordon Ramsay, a professional chef ranked 3rd in the World, had a very difficult young life. He wanted to become a footballer but due to various reasons was not able to become one. So he gave up football completely and started concentrating on shaping his culinary skills. It is this approach of just concentrating on one thing at a time, that made him utilise his potential and to be successful in life. Like Gordon there are hundreds of great people who have given up other interests to concentrate on one particular interest and have been very successful. All it takes is to be aware of the things we like to do and prioritise them at the right time.

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