Be a winnerMost people who are extremely successful in life, are known for just one particular thing. A thing that might have started as an inclination turns into interest which gradually grows into a passion. And, that Passion is the key to be successful in anything we do. That is what drives a person to get out of their comfort zone and achieve many feats. Most sport stars, for example, can play many sports to a relatively good level but they have chosen one particular sport which turns out to be their passion.

On the other hand, the majority of us, don’t care about passion at all. We all want to de-risk ourselves and have a very safe life that we get into a job and start earning some money as soon as possible to keep us going in life. Most of us cannot afford to lose and we don’t even think of taking any risks in life. This is no different from other things in life. Less risk, less returns.

Looking at my own life, i have experienced this and understood the importance of passion over time. I have tried many different things and have failed in most of them. I don’t feel bad at all for failing, because failure has taught me very valuable lessons. After failing, i clearly know that i am not made for certain things. Most of the failures i have had were because either i didn’t have a clear vision or because i didn’t have the passion to succeed in what i did. Predictably, on the other hand, whenever i did what i am passionate about, i was able to get on top and excel.

But, how do we find what we are good and passionate about, without really trying out a variety of things? That is almost impossible. People who find their passion straight away are either lucky or blessed. In order to be successful, you need passion. And to find your passion, you need to try as many things as possible. In these trials, you will fail on most things. But that failure is what is needed, as it eliminates other options and gets you closer to that single thing you will be passionate about and let you succeed.

So the secret recipe to success is very simple.

Keep trying. But once you know you will not succeed, take the learnings and move on with the next idea. Keep moving until you find your passion. There is nothing wrong in not sticking with one thing that you hate!

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3 Responses to “A secret recipe to success”

  1. Very good points here, and they’re all true. Additionally, those who discover their passion find that work is enjoyable and not “work.” For the reasons discussed in this article, people sit in dead-end jobs doing stuff they hate, which is a great recipe for misery. The cliche “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life is very true!”

    • Absolutely true, Dan. The lives of successful people show how passionate they are in doing what they do. I think it is basically the passion coupled with few other things that makes an individual successful.

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