Make money marketing Recently while browsing through the web I came across an impressive quote from Jay Abraham that said ” The fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell.” and i can’t agree more with him. No matter what we do or where we work, we all have customers to respond to and suppliers to partner with. To be successful in today’s world one not only needs to sell and market products but their skills and abilities as well.

Promoting his/her talent is so very important to be competitive in the current situation. The high number of personal development courses and websites explain how important we all consider this to be. In earlier years, most of us believed that a good product will market itself. But in today’s environment, this is not entirely true. Even if there is an amazing product, it needs to be marketed and brought into light in order to be successful as quickly as possible.So what are the important things to remember to successfully market a product or a skill or even yourself?

1. Be positive and confident

The very first and foremost thing to remember is to remain positive and confident about the product or skill you want to market. Remember the golden rule : If you don’t say it, they will not know it. If you in the first place are not confident about something, then no body is going to believe in you or your product. But on the other hand, if you are confident about what you want to sell or showcase, that would show up in your body language and those who look at the product will have a very good first impression. And no matter what they say, first impression is the best possible impression.

2. Do not under or over estimate

Being confident and positive doesn’t mean over estimating what the product or skill is worth. To have long term success in marketing, you need to know the exact worth of the product. If you over estimate the worth of the product, the buyer  is not going to be very satisfied with it. This could be due to the lack of value for money and is never going to believe you, even if you have a better product in offer later. On the other hand, by underestimating the product, you are going to lose all the benefits that you could have gained. Estimation can be done by comparing a number of competing products or skills and then evaluating how good or bad the product you have on offer is.

3. Be ready to take up challenges

To be able to market yourself, you need to be ready all the time to face new challenges. With the way the world is, it is extremely difficult to be successful, if you cannot rise up to challenges and be ready to take the bull by the horns. The market evolves everyday and it is left to you as a seller to take responsibility and tweak the product to ensure it remains marketable at all conditions.

4. Be determined and have the will to succeed

Being determined about success is equally important as any other quality. The will to succeed helps you to focus on the product more and the persistent approach towards success helps market the product or skill effectively. If you look at all the successful people, most of them would say that they are successful just because of their patience and the will to succeed.

5. Learn to incorporating learnings

Everybody makes mistakes. Einstein said “If you haven’t made any mistakes then you haven’t tried anything new”. I have had my share of failures in life and i think that is the only thing that can shape a person. Failure by itself is not a crime but failing to learn from the failures is. After trying a method of marketing, one needs to analyse what was right and what was wrong and how they can fix the problems next time when they try something new again. Spending time to analyse the situation helps in understanding our own pitfalls and limitations. We all need to remember – “There is nothing called a failure in life. There are only learnings.”

6.  Gear up to live with change

Change is the only constant thing in this world and we are all a part of the ever evolving environment. As things change, the product or skill you want to market may become obsolete quite quickly. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to live with change and to be able to handle it in a very positive way. Adaptability is so important and the quicker you adapt to change the better it is to tweak your product.

7. Opportunities – look for them and never miss them

Successful people and businesses have one single thing that differentiates from their not-so-successful competitors. That is their ability to look out for new opportunities. When you are focussed in a job and determined enough to taste success, then opportunities seem to appear on their own and all you need to do is to use them skilfully for your advantage. It is more like getting the mind tuned into the activity. The more you are into it the easier it is to spot opportunities.

8. Collaborate with the right people

Even if you have a great product or a skill to market, it is always better to partner with someone to unleash the full potential out of it. Some skills cannot be partnered with, for example, a negotiation skill or expertise on a technical field. But for the others, two is always better than one. Bringing in a new person will help in looking at problems from a different angle. A partner will also help in brainstorming ideas and come up with the most efficient solution.

9.  Set personal targets

Having tangible targets is another way to push yourself towards successfully market a product. All companies have sales targets and the only reason to do is to motivate and make employees perform better. The same can be used for inviduals as well. Setting personal targets makes you to go a step further and achieve the unachievable.

10. Be consistent

No matter how successfully you market something, consistency plays a crucial role in making it a long term success. If you have a great product but no consistency then it is incredibly difficult to prove its worth. Even if you lack other attributes towards marketing a product, consistency would definitely help in taking the product to another level.

I sincerely hope that following the above steps will help in marketing yourself or your product better. All the best!

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One Response to “Learn to market yourself!!”

  1. Well thought through and written. I liked your ideas and will try incorporating them. Will let you know if it makes any difference!

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