wedding ringsWe see so many marriages fail nowadays and the divorce rate in the US is close to an astonishing average of 50%. Yes, almost 1 in 2 married couple will fight for a divorce in future. Divorce as it may sound is not the end to an existing problem. Instead, divorce leads to severe mental and financial stress among many couple. So why do marriages fail? What are the main aspects for a successful married life? Is there a list of things that one needs to consider if they want to lead a happy married life? The answer is definitely ‘Yes’ and here are some of the most important aspects to lead a successful married life.


Love is the most beautiful  and the most natural thing in this world. It is the foundation for a successful marriage life. Unfortunately the true meaning of love is not completely understood. We are so much into the material world that luxuries tend to dictate the amount of love a couple have on each other. True love is in being selfless and giving up things one loves most just for the sake of their partner.It is about accepting them the way they are without demanding for any changes in them. Love is to be simple and practical and not being sentimental.Just thinking ahead and taking time to get into a relation would solve half the problems associated with a marriage. Sadly, love is not infatuation. It is much deeper than that.


The next most important aspect is honesty. It is vital not only for a marriage but for any other relationship to survive. Both involved in the relationship should try and be honest with each other regardless of the situation they are in. If one commits a mistake, they should admit it however grave it may be. Their partner might get upset on hearing it, but eventually they will realise that it was not intentional and will be ready to forgive and appreciate their honesty. If one of them in the relationship starts practicing this approach, the other person will be automatically motivated to follow the same. Eventually this will make both parties speak out problems with an attitude of solving them and not accumulating them. Being honest and accepting their mistakes also brings down the ego they possess. Ego plays a significant role is spoiling a relationship and the lesser it exist, the better it is.


Mutual trust is very important in a marriage relationship.Trust is believing the person completely, no matter what one hears about them.  Checking partners text messages and call logs is a classical example of where mistrust buds from. Both involved in a relationship should try to act matured enough to understand their partners’ feelings and impart trust and make them comfortable. Where there is enough trust in a relationship, the chances of it getting into trouble will be extremely less. Marriage is one of  the few relationships that are pure and it follows a simple rule – Trust and you will be trusted.

Give space:

All of us require some personal space to be happy and comfortable. We all deserve the right to do what we want, unless it’s ethically and socially wrong. Partners should understand and try not to intrude into each others personal space. Each and everyone has a different mode of approach and that needs to be respected. This would happen if both understand “I am not always right” and being wrong is not a crime. Just accept the way the other half is and life would be at its best.


The most wonderful feeling after love one can ever have is sacrifice. Sacrificing what you got for the loved ones is a feeling similar to being in heaven. Obviously,various people have various threshold levels for sacrificing. Some may feel comfortable enough to sacrifice more than the others. It doesn’t really matter how much one can sacrifice. All that matters is whether he or she is ready enough to sacrifice. The moment one starts sacrificing for the sake of  their partner they get to realise how good they both feel about it. This pleasure makes them to go further and the relationship bonds better and better. Sacrifice can be as simple as giving up your sleep to go for a early morning drive. Sacrifice is so good that it is becomes very addictive after a while.


This is one factor that has the potential to derail a very healthy marriage relation. Every human has ego and everyone of us is brilliant enough to show various levels of ego to various people depending on the situation and environment. What I mean by this is that a person would tend to show they are the best at work amongst colleagues would not do the same among  friends. Sometimes married couple get into this habit of proving who is better between themselves. Instead of forgiving and forgetting things they try and make a big fuss about minor issues – just to satisfy their ego. This is extremely counter productive. A sensible partner should point out the others’ ego and productively criticise them to correct it for the betterment of the relationship.


Both of them involved in the relationship needs to be sensible in the way they earn, spend and save money. I have seen a few marriages go broke because one of them is completely unconscious about money or too over conscious about it. Money is a very important part of life though it is not life itself. Being reasonable with money always helps keep worries out of the relationship and helps sustain and grow the relationship better.

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One Response to “How to lead a successful married life?”

  1. So true. But me, all I did was to hold on to the marriage, no matter what. And always hopeful that things will work out. Because if you don’t hope, there’s no reason to go on holding to it. And Look,we’re still together after 17 years.. I think all of those things you stated are all mixed up to one.

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